Wednesday, April 3, 2019

DELETE | Delete Command In SQL| SQL DELETE Statement | DML Command

DELETE Command

Delete command used to delete all or particular  records of an existing table.

Delete command is one types of DML command.

Syntax :

1) DELETE FROM table_name WHERE condition ;

2) DELETE FROM table_name;

Delete command in SQL has two types of parameter

1) table_name - This paramter specifies name of table.
2) condition - This parameter specifies to select the rows for which the values of columns needs to be updated.

Example :

// DELETE record from Customer01 using with WHERE clause

1) DELETE FROM Customer01 WHERE C_City = 'Rajkot';

//DELETE all records from Customer01 table

2) DELETE FROM Customer01;

Above second example, may delete all records of Customer01 table.

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In Easy Language

Delete command used to delete records of an existing table.

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